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Pure Dart

This page discusses scenarios when you want to use Rust with Dart (without Flutter). It is totally supported to use Dart without Flutter, because flutter_rust_bridge does not require anything specific to Flutter.

As a quickstart, one way is to clone flutter_rust_bridge, and start with this minimal example, and modify according to your needs. More specifically, to run the demo, you can run

dart --enable-experiment=native-assets run lib/main.dart

in the folder frb_example/dart_minimal. The --enable-experiment=native-assets is temporarily needed, but is to be removed when Dart release later versions.

By the way, this example is also pure-Dart (without Flutter), and contains a lot of tests of this library.

This example currently uses some glue of internal frb_utils to build Rust code. However, this is just temporary before the official toolchain is released. Therefore, those temporary glue are not made as a publishable package.