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Who is using it

As an initial version of this page, I briefly list some very rough data here.

Data from GitHub dependents: Open-source projects


The lists below exclude all projects using the bridge if they are not open-source, which we know is a lot. Therefore, the lists are very incomplete.

I utilized the GitHub "dependents" feature (note: use the dropdown at right-top to view dependents for each of the packages in this repository), use some scripts to download it, and temporarily filtered all repositories with >=3 stars (because they can be forks; this is super coarse and should be tuned later).

Data from Open source non-app libraries


Again, this excludes non-open-source projects. Even more, this excludes all open source apps (as long as they are not libraries).

Please directly visit the the "dependency" search page for results. Since it has a nice GUI, there is no need to scrape and list here.

Remark: GitHub stars are surely not the only thing to measure a package. For example, according to Dart, many people are using this package that depends on flutter_rust_bridge (top 7% as of writing), but its GitHub only has <20 stars.

Indirect data: Popularity in

Given that there seems no way to directly provide a list of non-open-source projects, here is another metric as a reference.

By official definition, the "popularity" metric is:

Popularity measures the number of apps that depend on a package over the past 60 days. We show this as a percentile from 100% (among the top 1% most used packages) to 0% (the least used package). We are investigating if we can provide absolute usage counts in a future version See this issue.

Although this score is based on actual download counts, it compensates for automated tools such as continuous builds that fetch the package on each change request.

The value is 96% as of writing.

Every metric has drawbacks. For example, see this discussion.