This file defines the recipes for the just command runner, in a similar vein to make and Makefile. just is built using Rust and improves upon the traditional Makefile syntax with better support for conditionals, arguments, cross-platform compatibility and more.

One non-trivial feature of just utilized by this template is the conditional LLVM flag for MacOS. On certain setups, a brew install llvm does not make the LLVM libraries visible to other executables, which causes problems for ffigen, a C-to-Dart codegen that flutter_rust_bridge_codegen uses under the hood.

Running just by default runs the gen and lint tasks.

just gen

Generates the Rust bindings and puts them into the correct folders. The Generating new code section goes into detail how to modify this task to perform side jobs as well.

just lint

Runs the default linters for Dart and Rust.

just clean

Runs the default clean commands for Flutter and Rust. Useful when you want to debug build-related issues.