Adding new code

Let's say we need to change Platform such that we don't really care about whether it is running on Intel or Apple Silicon, but we would like to keep this information so downlevel code can act on it. We would like to merge MacApple and MacIntel into a single MacOs(String) that contains the current CPU architecture. Go ahead and update native/src/

 pub enum Platform {
-    MacIntel,
-    MacApple,
+    MacOs(String),

Now run just and see that your binding code now has changed.

Troubleshooting: "Please supply one or more path/to/llvm..."

A common issue with ffigen is that its detection of the LLVM installation is not reliable across platforms. Especially for MacOS and the split between x86-64 and arm64 binaries, you might have to modify justfile to explicitly point to its location:

llvm_path := if os() == "macos" {
    "--llvm-path /opt/homebrew/opt/llvm"
} else {