Generating bindings

Now that we've got most of the plumbing out of the way, let's compile our Rust application. If you just created your crate a few moments ago, go ahead and add a new file at $crate/src/ and replace its contents with this snippet or whatever suits your fancy:

pub fn greet() -> String {
    "Hello from Rust! 🦀".into()

then in $crate/src/

+mod api;

Running the codegen

Before we can compile the library, we need to generate the bindings first. From the root of the app, run these commands:

flutter_rust_bridge_codegen \
    -r $crate/src/ \
    -d lib/bridge_generated.dart \
    -c ios/Runner/bridge_generated.h \
    -e macos/Runner/   # if building for MacOS, extra path is essential

Note: These will be the same commands to use whenever you modify your Rust library code.

Running this command yields the C header of the functions and types exported by the Rust library, which we will need to keep the symbols from being stripped.