Integrating with Windows and Linux

This guide groups together instructions for Windows and Linux desktop apps, as they use the same build system.

The idea is the same as other platforms: we hook onto the existing projects using scripts, and we will also be borrowing from the template. Go ahead and download rust.cmake into your windows and linux folders. Keep in mind that CMake will refuse to use files that lie outside of its working directory, so there will be duplications between the two build folders.

Next, add this line to your CMakeLists.txt files:

 # Generated plugin build rules, which manage building the plugins and adding
 # them to the application.


 # === Installation ===
 # Support files are copied into place next to the executable, so that it can


On Linux, you will need to bump the minimum CMake version to 3.12 to make use of Corrosion, which is used by rust.cmake. Change this line in linux/CMakeLists.txt:

-cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10)
+cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.12)

Alternatively, you can install Corrosion permanently on your system. Refer to the Linux troubleshooting notes here.