Installing dependencies

Next, we need to install a few build-time and runtime dependencies.

Build-time dependencies

These dependencies are required only in build-time:

An easy way to install most of these dependencies is to run:

  • dart project

    cargo install flutter_rust_bridge_codegen
    dart pub add --dev ffigen && dart pub add ffi
    # if building for iOS or MacOS
    cargo install cargo-xcode
  • flutter project

    cargo install flutter_rust_bridge_codegen
    flutter pub add --dev ffigen && flutter pub add ffi
    # if building for iOS or MacOS
    cargo install cargo-xcode

Alternatively, each of these dependencies may provide prebuilt binaries. Check with your package manager and review them individually.

Dart dependencies

On the Dart side, flutter_rust_bridge is the required runtime component of flutter_rust_bridge_codegen. If you plan to use enum structs in Rust, the following dependencies are also needed:

  • build_runner (dev)
  • freezed (dev)
  • freezed_annotation

Their usage is explained in Using build_runner.

flutter pub add flutter_rust_bridge
# if using Dart codegen
flutter pub add -d build_runner
flutter pub add -d freezed
flutter pub add freezed_annotation

Rust dependencies

Similar to Dart, Rust requires the flutter_rust_bridge runtime component for support.

Add these lines to Cargo.toml:

+flutter_rust_bridge = "1"

System dependencies

Non-Debian Linux

For non-debian based Linux distributions, there are a few prerequisites:

Firstly, ensure that packages are up to date (or install by demand).

  • clang
  • llvm-libs
  • glibc

Restarting system may be required.

Secondly, set the environment variable in your shell profile (.bashrc, .zshrc, etc):

export CPATH="$(clang -v 2>&1 | grep "Selected GCC installation" | rev | cut -d' ' -f1 | rev)/include"