Integrating with existing projects

This guide is an intermediate-level introduction to integrating Rust with an existing Flutter project. If you are new to Rust or configuring build processes in general, we suggest looking at the template tour to learn about the moving parts behind a flutter run.

Before following this guide, upgrade your Flutter SDK, and if possible refresh your native build folders (android, ios, etc.) to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Remark: Most complexity does not come from this library, flutter_rust_bridge - it is as same complex as using raw Dart/Flutter FFI with Rust. In other words, it is the Dart/Flutter + Rust toolchain that takes time to set up.

Using the flutter_rust_bridge brick

The following sections cover how to set up Rust support from scratch for completeness' sake, however for your convenience you can also use the fluttter_rust_bridge brick to scaffold most of1 the code written here.


Some setup steps are still required even with the brick, which we will go into more detail in the later sections. The brick is a work-in-progress.