Vec and array

Vec<u8>, Vec<i8>, ...

In Dart, when you want to express a long byte array such as a big image or some binary blob, people normally use Uint8List instead of List<int> since the former is much performant. flutter_rust_bridge takes this into consideration for you. When you have Vec<u8> (or Vec<i8>, or Vec<i32>, etc), it will be translated into Uint8List or its friends.

This section provides more details about Vec<u8> and its friends.


When you have normal Vec<T> for T types other than u8, i8 etc, it will be converted to normal List<T>.

Remark: Vec<Box<T>> is not supported yet though fixable (#1072), but according to clippy lints, it is usually better to use Vec<T> directly.

[T; N]

Since Dart does not have special treatment for static-sized arrays, it is converted to List<T> as well.


pub fn draw_tree(tree: Vec<TreeNode>) -> Vec<u8> { ... }


Future<Uint8List> drawTree({required List<TreeNode> tree});

Remark: If you are curious about Future, have a look at this.