In this chapter, we are going to demonstrate the features. Please use the menu bar at the left / left-top of the page to navigate.


What this library is and is not

This library is nothing but a code generator that helps your Flutter/Dart functions call Rust functions. It only generates some boilerplate code that you will manually write down otherwise. Moreover, we have provided detailed tutorials for you to play with examples, set up brand new apps, and integrate with existing apps.

Of course, you may still need to have some basic familiarity with Flutter/Dart, Rust, and its ffi. (Link for Android, iOS and macOS)

Full examples

If you want to look at a lot of examples - I have to warn you, really too many - have a look at pure_dart's api.rs. It contains all tests for this library.

In addition, when you are quite familiar with the basic example, you can then take a look at pure_dart_multi. This example contains multiple blocks of APIs instead of one, which is quite useful for complex projects.