Remark: Some docs here seem to be outdated. Refer to ci.yaml, main doc, justfile, etc to see an up-to-date version. This appendix will be overhauled.

Releasing a new version

Usually this is done by the owner (@fzyzcjy), so you do not need to do the following. If you need to release a new version, the following steps are needed. Bump several versions, change the version number in changelog, and use cargo check to automatically update the examples' dependency versions:

just release

Sample commands to run code generator

Just copied from CI codegen.yml.

(cd frb_codegen && cargo run --package flutter_rust_bridge_codegen --bin flutter_rust_bridge_codegen -- --rust-input ../frb_example/pure_dart/rust/src/ --dart-output ../frb_example/pure_dart/dart/lib/bridge_generated.dart --dart-format-line-length 120 && cargo run --package flutter_rust_bridge_codegen --bin flutter_rust_bridge_codegen -- --rust-input ../frb_example/with_flutter/rust/src/ --dart-output ../frb_example/with_flutter/lib/bridge_generated.dart --c-output ../frb_example/with_flutter/ios/Runner/bridge_generated.h --dart-format-line-length 120)

Format and lint everything

(cd frb_codegen && cargo fmt --all); (cd frb_rust && cargo fmt --all); (cd frb_macros && cargo fmt --all); (cd frb_example/pure_dart/rust && cargo fmt --all); (cd frb_example/with_flutter/rust && cargo fmt --all);
(cd frb_codegen && cargo clippy); (cd frb_rust && cargo clippy); (cd frb_macros && cargo clippy); (cd frb_example/pure_dart/rust && cargo clippy); (cd frb_example/with_flutter/rust && cargo clippy);                                                                                                                                          
(cd frb_dart && dart format . --line-length 80); (cd frb_example/pure_dart/dart && dart format . --line-length 120); (cd frb_example/with_flutter && dart format . --line-length 120);
(cd frb_dart && dart analyze --fatal-infos); (cd frb_example/pure_dart/dart && dart analyze --fatal-infos); (cd frb_example/with_flutter && dart analyze --fatal-infos);

Upgrade dependency in your dependent project

flutter pub upgrade flutter_rust_bridge
cargo update -p flutter_rust_bridge